Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ishin Sushi

A simple lunch at this restaurant cost me RM133. Really simple. Just a few sashimi, fish roe etc...

First is the Premium Sushi(RM60). The portion is much more bigger then any other sushi I have try before. That salmon fish cut for example, I think is 2 piece of Salmon Sashimi portion in normal shop. The 2nd sushi from right look like some black thing? That is caviar.

This is the first time I try caviar, and honestly it is not as good as what I expected. Perhaps this is the most low grade caviar.

Cawanmushi(RM18). The bottom is of course chicken egg. From left it is fish roe, caviar, seaurchin. A very nice dish for a cheap price(In my opinion).

Fresh Hokkaido Sea Urchin (RM38 - If I remember correctly). This one is nice. The sea urchin is fresh.

So that conclude my super expensive lunch. But considering what I have for the lunch, caviar, sea urchin etc, one should not complain the meal as expensive.

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